WordPress is the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS) used in over 100 million websites. There are many choices when it comes to CMS, and why choose one over the other. WordPress has my recommendation for many reasons. It’s an open source platform with thousands of developers and designers, as well as a large community, we would even go as far as to say a family. With so much focus and millions of sites using WordPress it is constantly updated and modernized. WordPress also has a clean interface, and it can be simple and quite complicated to use, which keeps designing fun and challenging.

My first website was Adobe Flash based, although back then it was Macromedia software. I remember how disappointed I was to later discover that Apple was not supporting Flash, and therefore, not displaying my website on iPhones or iPads. I recreated my site using WordPress, with my most important mission being a responsive design, allowing my site to adapt to portable screen sizes, while looking beautiful. After working with a few CMS choices I was drawn to WordPress and began working with it solely.

WordPress is Search Engine Optimization friendly and allows your information to be accessed by search engines like Google more easily. More than 80 million web sites having been created using WordPress, a large percentage of the entire internet. WordPress has the functionality for an array of uses beyond web sites, such as social networking, web applications, and e-commerce.

We use WordPress because like many others, we think it’s great.