Coined by Ethan Marcotte in 2011, the term responsive design described the changing demands for web design and the need for flexible site foundations and layouts. This demand came quickly with the rise of different screen sizes available to hungry consumers. Just as quickly responsive design became a popular method of creating web sites that automatically adjust to different screen sizes, even changing when a phone is rotated. Which gave web sites two different appearances on even just one device. Modern Ants utilizes responsive design through WordPress to create effective and impressive web sites that work for your needs. Visitors can be quickly turned off by sites that don’t work quickly on their devices, it’s just the way it is today.

My dad is another reason why responsive design is wonderful. The desktop computer had always been complicated enough, but then a tablet for Christmas? Forget about it. A glimmer of sunshine was responsive web pages that properly functioned and belonged on a tablet sized screen. Easy to use, and just as beautiful to look at. Responsive design really made small screens bearable, capable and enjoyable for portable web surfing; even for my dad.
Simple clean responsive web sites are modern and fully capable of retaining interest by working quickly and correctly. After using the internet for years I was an early adopter of smart phone technology, I quickly realized that web design standards then were not going to cut it for small screen sizes. Some sites were simply to large and you found yourself panning the home page for what you want. Responsive design adapts the site for the screen size, sometimes re-configuring the layout and image sizes, or other designers will even create a fully separate responsive site that is different from their main site. Now more people are using their tablets and phones to surf the web. The devices are quick with stunning screens; they’re the perfect showcases for modern design. Your site should look amazing on your phone, tablet, or right on your desktop computer.

Responsive design allows for everyone to play nicely together, making the web a better place to be.