When Sideways Down came to us, they already had ideas and a direction they were looking to pursue. They looked to Modern Ants for a new look and feel for their identity and to create a web experience that would put their design talent front and center. It was important for them to achieve a unified look across all devices and gadgets. They wanted areas to announce show dates, a blog to discuss techniques and tips, and inbound marketing to start being social. Modern Ants also designed business cards and trade show banners.


The color purple was a favorite at Sideways Down, as well as simple clean design. At Modern Ants we created a simple yet effective professional logo design that would carry across well into their print needs. The design is powerful in it’s simplicity and works well for such a creative business as Sideways Down.

“As owner of Sideways Down I was looking for a slick design that showcased our creations in a simple but clever way. It was important for me for our logo to be sharp, and for our site to be accessible on a PC or a phone. Modern Ants was the right choice for us.”

“Having the responsibility of keeping our new site up to date was a daunting outlook for me, however the content management system that was taught to us by Modern Ants was a breath of fresh air. It’s great being able to update on our own.”

“I love our new logo, it is featured in all our collateral, and gives our business a more professional look & feel.”



Through research and interviews, we found that most Sideways Down customers expected to accomplish the same tasks on the site, regardless of the device used to access it. This called for a fully responsive design and development approach. We spent time choosing the right design, and a content management system that would allow Sideways Down freedom and ease of use in updating their own content, something that was new, but also very important for them. The site responds to which device is accessing it, and changes it’s appearance to fit that device.