Pinterest is a social network platform that combines pinning things that interest you in a digital scrapbook. With over 11 million unique visitors per day Pinterest has become one of the top social platforms in the world. Pinterest is fun, free and simple.

Pinterest has generated a lot of interest in unexpected areas. I happened to start using Pinterest when I saw someone share a pin on my Facebook news feed. It was for a craft project that explained in detail how to glue several crayons to the top of a canvas, then blow dry them until they melt and create a lovely wax rainbow, all with beautiful photos showing you the masterpiece. Well, I didn’t want to forget about this cool idea, so I joined Pinterest and ‘pinned’ it on my page. Soon I was pinning recipes, guitar tabs, garden and interior designs, you name it. It was such a clever idea, sort of like a large mood board.

Pinterest is a visual site, for business you can showcase your products or images of your services in unique, interesting, and beautiful ways. It’s a great way to reach people you otherwise wouldn’t have, adding expertise and passion in a particular area will encourage people to like and re-pin your content. There are many benefits, and by being a productive member of the site by following other relevant boards, commenting, or linking, Pinterest can be a very reliable tool for your business.