Social Media

Creative content gets shared when it’s put in front of the right audience. Shared creative content results in a new stream of traffic to your business along with the natural, organic search results from Google’s appreciation for quality content. When you have people sharing the quality content you are putting out there in addition to Google ranking your website higher, your phone rings more!

What exactly is content? What do you create?
What kind of content could my boring company possibly put out there that people would share? I aim to offer my clients social presence content that is humorous, educational, relevant, emotional, inspirational or what ever else will translate to your business voice. Hosting websites is pretty boring but Godaddy made it cool, funny AND sexy. The one thing you must be willing to do is let go of some control and let me create the perfect plan for your business and then implement it. (upon your approval of course)

I like doing a lot of my own posts, can we work together?
I happily work alongside owners or other departments and individuals that need to access the same social platforms, and blend our voice accordingly.

Does this really help my business come up higher in Google and other search engines?
It really does. It’s imperative. Boring and stagnant website content along with a stagnant or inappropriate social media presence will hurt you. Listen to the explanation directly from Google: