We have a way of doing things at Modern Ants that make your project run smoothly, that’s why each and every site we produce uses the same simple design process. This setup is what ensures your high quality results, in a timely manner that everyone can be happy with. We follow the four Ds: discovery, design, development, and deployment. Here’s an idea of what you can expect from us.

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We meet and learn about your business or organization and set goals for the project. This is either a casual meeting at a coffee shop, or even a conversation over the phone.

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We hit the internet to learn about your industry and your competitors. We do this to ensure you get the best visual solution possible.

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We sketch out our ideas so as to work efficiently and get to the proper visual solution.

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We settle on our draft design concepts. Usually 3; sometimes more; sometimes less.

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We present these concepts to you, explaining the rationale behind each and why they’ll be successful.

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We ask you to choose one concept and focus on that. Then we work on revising the concept so it meets the goals outlined and makes you happy. Sometimes there’s one revision round; sometimes two, rarely more.

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When we’re all good to go, we will work together to host your new site for you for a low once a year payment. We will also help you decide and purchase a domain name if you need one. Then we will do everything to activate your site and move on to the launch phase.

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We let the world know about your new website or project! Modern Ants also offers website maintenance; let us look after your new site and take care of any problems, updates, or changes. We offer a low fixed rate of $60 per hour. We’ll make sure everything runs smooth.

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