Ever since I was young I’ve enjoyed design, even if I didn’t know it then. I couldn’t be happier with the path I chose in life for my career. Design has been with me for as long as I can remember. I’ve always enjoyed taking a different look at objects, putting things together and re-configuring my space, which was my bedroom. In school the arts were always so exciting and creative. My first computer memory was that great snake game in elementary school on an Apple desktop, then later in school playing Oregon Trail and Carmen Sandiego with friends. I always made my oxen run and soon i’d have dysentery and the game would be over, but man computers had potential! In middle school I took a computer design class and an architecture class that both involved using software that was amazing for it’s time. I remember thinking how complex and advanced it seemed for the time, while the older kids were playing Doom, another innovative computer addiction. The mice still had track balls, I remember a kid getting caught stealing one for some reason. I was intrigued as I grew up with technology always advancing and adapting around me.

My interest led me to college to pursue a degree in digital media. I traveled just before college, experiencing design from around the world, which had a profound impact on my awareness of the vast culture of styles. The Netherlands had such a vibrant scene in Amsterdam, and their culture through modern graphic design, in a busy tourist filled city, was exciting and fresh. I’m glad traveled before college, soon after I was working and becoming a father, backpacking with kids is not an option.

Working in school during such a revolutionary time in technology was instrumental in my career path. I joined Facebook when it was “The Facebook”, i’m pretty sure the site was only open for users with a college or university email. I remember my first smartphone and tablet, my first streamed movie, oand my first song download. It was an exciting time that was changing the world. I wanted to be involved, I wanted to create and design for this new array of technology. After all, I had always day dreamed of a Dick Tracy style wristwatch device, and I’m pretty sure Apple is releasing one soon.

I graduated to become an interactive developer, working with design and creating a wide array of projects with a great company and coworkers. Over seven years into my career and Modern Ants is conceived, a freelance web design and graphic design venture. My favorite part of design is web design and development, and the web is constantly adapting to an wide variety of devices like smartphones and tablets, soon maybe wristwatches; Apple? I believe the web is a wonderful environment to work and create in. I enjoy working with clients to help make their business or venture be the best it can be. Whether it’s just a web design update, help building an identity and presence on the web, or business cards and flyers, it’s a rewarding experience.

~ Chris