Erika Liodice is the author of Empty Arms: A Novel, a contributor to Author in Progress, and an award-winning blogger at Beyond the Gray. Modern Ants was hired to redesign the author’s website from the ground up. The main goals were to create a clean, efficent, and beautiful website. As an accomplished writer, there were several elements that were important to her. The reorganizing of many sections into a simple navagation bar, a blog to frequently update with new writings and information, areas to display video and audio of published works, and sections to display reviews and various links to projects and other work. We worked together to create a subscription for newsletters and an email campaign for getting in touch with the author and gathering a growing list of fans to connect with and contact. Modern Ants designed the site to be responsive on any device, working to maintain the beauty and transfer of information to the smallest screens. The new site is fresh, modern, and easy to explore. Erika has the ability to update her site with blog entries, author visits and events, and newly published book and articles on her own. Giving her the power to maintain a location for her career, and updating the site with current information and projects to stay in connection with her ever growing fan base.


The aesthetic appeal of a logo, or any piece of art or design for that matter, is subjective and relative to a person’s mood when they view it, however, there are fundamentals of design that must be followed to ensure that a logo will appeal to anyone. For Erika Liodice, Modern Ants wanted her logo to inspire and represent the love and passion that she shows in her writing. The classy and elegant script followed by a colorful quill set the tone and colorway for the entire website.