When we started this personal project for Chris Lanphear Design the first thing we did was explore all past work and let the creativity and diversity of the projects shine. A responsive design was key for the site to be accessible across all devices, and the ability to update the site with ease through a content management system was important. A blog was needed to easily spill whatever was on the designers mind. The portfolio of work was colorful and fun, and after much deliberation a clean design was chosen. The focus was the portfolio of work and easily accessible resumes, as well as access to social media.


At Modern Ants we love working and thinking with type. An effective logo made simply with letters is a challenging yet often seen format. The idea was for a fun look and feel, with a simple clean color palette. It was decided to let the beauty of the text shine though, and for subtle differences to appear unnoticeable yet powerful.


For this updated site we wanted it to as innovative and long lasting as possible since the original site had been developed and designed in 2004. We wanted it to be viewed easily on any device, and to retain a professional look across those devices. A responsive design allowed for that, while doing it in a truly innovative modern way. This allowed for the designers portfolio easily updated and maintained.